SINFONET aims to foster the development of "digitally managed" foundries, where processes and quality are continuously monitored and controlled through advanced sensors and the integrated application of numerical models and cognitive systems.


What does SINFONET offer for Industry 4.0?

Advice to network members and external companies, in the preparation and implementation of projects related to Smart Manufacturing through the Digital Transformation introducing and integrating the Enabling Technologies described by the Italian Government’s Industry 4.0 Plan in line with similar European projects.


What does digitization mean in Foundry?


1) Remote control of complex multi-step processes based on different tools

  • Process stability; minimal downtime
  • Application also to traditional processes (existing or new plants)

2) Production Efficiency Improvement (OEE) with reference to the phases Measurement - Analysis - Action

  • Speed up the setup process (optimization)
  • Real-time adjustment of process parameters
  • Zero Defect Orientation with 100% Quality Prediction

3) Increase process knowledge from data (understand data value)

  • Re-use what you learned in production (machine learning)

Expected impacts from Digitalization in the Foundry and along the production chain of castings

  • Time-to-market reduction (-30%)
  • Drastic reduction of the number of real prototypes (replaced by virtual ones) and relative costs
  • Efficiency and stability control of the production cycle
  • Control and energy saving at all stages of the transformation process (-10%)
  • Management and optimization of the production cycle
  • High Quality with Waste Minimization (-40%)
  • Cost reduction of non-quality (-10%)
  • Real-time retrofitting and process knowledge
  • Predictive Control and Jet Cost Reduction (Cost Model)
  • Reliability in the production of new products developed at the design stage


SINFONET contributes to TRAJECTORIES in Smart Manufacturing specialization for Cognitive Systems and Automation trajectory

The Foundry, and all the production chain of the castings, wants to pursue an increase in competitiveness through high quality production and the ability to manage an efficient process. Digital transformation is essential also for the Foundry that wants to integrate intelligent systems, advanced models and predictive tools on new and existing plants, in accordance with RIS3 on Smart Manufacturing and macro-trajectory "Cognitive Systems and Automation".