Progetto INFOS+

INternationalisation of Veneto FOundry by networked Strategies and extended market exploration


The INFOS+ project addresses the needs of Internationalization of some of the Innovative Network SINFONET.

The increase in the level of internationalisation of the production systems of the metalworking chain in SINFONET, and in particular by the Partners of this project, is based on key elements of business development and relations in Europe and beyond (e.g. USA and Mexico) by enhancing the skills and technologies they represent.

The 4 companies participating in the project (Italker, Zanardi Fonderie, Saen, Unilab) are a valid example of the supply chain for the production of ferrous castings (Zanardi), the supply of equipment (Saen and Italker) and quality control (Unilab).

The value proposal that we want to communicate and make perceived to the foreign customer is characterized by many years of experience and high specialization and competence.

The message will be disseminated through targeted B2B actions, with the support of consultants for the search of new customers and incoming activities to invite key prospects in a guided tour of companies in the Veneto region.