GAP Project

Cast Iron and High Performance Aluminium Alloys


The project aims to develop and make available innovative materials (austempered spheroidal cast iron, high-silicon spheroidal cast iron, foundry and plastic deformation aluminium alloys). The materials will be fully characterized (also in terms of post-production technological treatments), in order to facilitate their inclusion in Italian and international industry regulations. Process-microstructure-property maps will also be produced to enable innovative and multi-scale design of high-performance components.

Amount of financing € 1,471,548.86.


Thesis on the project's topics:

  • Study of the reduction in thickness of aluminium alloy die-cast components
  • Study and optimization of the slip coefficient of almond aluminium sheets
  • Optical microscopy applied to the field of Industrial Contamination: experimental analysis for the verification of repeatability and reproducibility of measurements
  • Correlation between process simulation and experimental data in the production of ductile iron
  • Microstructural Characterization and Mechanics of High Silicon Cast Iron and comparison with Numerical Simulation